Hello! My name is Pam Sorenson and 88 Jordon Avenue is my graphic design business. Established in July 2001, 88 Jordon Avenue specialises in designing items for marketing, branding, identity and advertising.
I began my career in graphic design in 1996 as an in-house graphic designer. I then moved on to work for several advertising / design agencies. After a retrenchment in 2001, I had the opportunity to work on a freelance project. I decided to take it on, registered for an ABN and haven’t looked back! Since 2007 I have been working from my own studio. And I love it!

My mission is to use my business to improve your business
So what's in it for you, as a client of mine… An experienced and friendly service that will result in a quality design with a clear focus and easily communicated message. This will be supplied to you as the file type required, in time to meet your deadline. Working always improves my business. So I always want what I produce to help improve my client’s business.

Some kind words 
From Artichoke Design
I have been working with Artichoke Design on their print jobs since 2001. Love what Artichoke has to say... “Pam is nothing less than a god when it comes to print design & layout. Her attention to detail ensures she dots every ‘i’ & charms every ‘t’. Reliability is her key strength.”
From the IP Academy
“We were in a spot and needed our magazine designed quickly. In talking to someone in the industry, we were referred to Pam Sorenson of 88 Jordon Avenue. Within two days they produced for us the most amazing designs! We will definitely be bringing them more work. If you are looking for a high level designer, then I would highly recommend 88 Jordon Avenue.”
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